Friday, October 30, 2015



* Krabby Patties cause cancer.

* Patrick is my favorite Spongebob character............i can relate to him.........for some reason.........*twiddling my thumbs whilst whistlin' a graveyard*.

* Spongebob really broke the mold cos before then most kitchen sponges led pretty miserable lives.

* Nosferatu is rightly regarded as one of the best ever, a creature classic, first depiction of the effect of light on vampires, greatest German film of all time, etc etc, Murnau and Stoker probably had some barstool-breaking bar fights at the saloon. it's the ultimate film-school film, it's what everyone studies, it's Animal Farm and The Great Gatsby and The Once and Future King. take it from an English major, nothing destroys a masterpiece film or book like having to write a 50-page essay on its intricacies. this would have been another final thesis i had to do (i did so many final theses which begs the question, "how final were they?"), but instead i got to watch the film leisurely for pleasure, letting each scene flow without wondering in the back of my mind what this scene means and how it ties into my final grade. my brain wasn't bald from pulling out its frazzled hair, just my head was shaved. i watched it as i would Pluto Nash. it's a good thing i had that nervous breakdown...

* Count Orlok was the first Doctor Without Borders.

* the greatest comment still to this day i've ever read on imdb was on the Nosferatu board. it wasn't talking about the intricacies of the film's history, it was someone commenting on how good Hutter's ass looked in his pantaloons.


happy halloween


Jules said...

Happy Halloween, my sweet. Here's to nervous breakdowns. *)

the late phoenix said...

cheers, mah dahlin. I'm trying to raise my glass but my arm is all shaky. have a supreme Samhain *)