Friday, October 17, 2014



THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. spirits roam this month. we creatures lose the line between dream and reality, we cross over and mistake the two. spirits are spirits, but we make them into nightmares, situations we can't ever imagine getting out of, sides to ourselves we shudder to show the world, show ourselves. quick! before the mirror breaks! that glimpse, gone forever. who will come to help us at our darkest hour? are you the savior? who will come together with us? the journey is solitary, inside the head, the mind, the imagination, but it is all us, it is not foreign, we travel to foreign lands but it is all our space, just spaces we have yet to explore, we return to our heritage. precious kitteh, human soul, fear is transitory, as are situations, but what cracks through fear is a seed resilient and a new perspective. it's all for a new look, a new way of being. what you were, the witches and warlocks you served, is in the past. what you are is in front of you. precious kitteh, human soul, you can be a bigger cat, you can be king of the jungle. merely place your paw one in front of the other. oh, and choose a different path this time. there is nothing to be frightened of. when you get scared, keep telling yourself: it is only the dream, only the dream, only the dream, it is the dream...

happy halloween



Jules said...

I loved that Cartier video! I want to travel to Paris like that and not by Eurostar! And I want a big cat. Big cats are the most beautiful creatures in the world.

A nice written piece there my sweet Phoenix. *)

the late phoenix said...

mah dahlin, my granpa loved the big cats, i'm getting into them myself cos my cat says he wants to learn about his roots *)