Monday, December 30, 2013


1. did you make New Year's Resolutions last year? yes, the only one i made was to never make New Year's Resolutions again.

which ones did you keep? i kept that one, but when you logically think about it, by keeping the resolution to not make resolutions, i kept it and broke it at the same time, so now i exist in the negative zone between this world and the next, in a kind of real-life eternal time-loop painting that Escher would be proud of, trying to make my way past the space-time continuum through that Doctor Who Crack.

are you the better for it? i'm the impossible for it...

2. what was your favorite list of TMIT questions in this year 2013? i'd be an asshole if i chose my questions, huh?

3. what sexy/sexual things do you hope to experience in 2014? toys/ acts/ people/ events/ etc.: wait, so that's not the cereal thing, right? i always get confused about that.

1) find soul mate
2) have sex with soul mate
3) get kinky with soul mate
4) marry soul mate
5) start joint venture with soul mate:

4. this time of year is filled with best-of lists and top lists. let's make a list. what were your top three best sexual experiences in 2013?:

i know, right? from ESPN to all the morning shows, EVERYBODY does those bloody lists, they hurt my brain. i stick around for the worst-of ones 'cause they're at least fun, finding out for the billionth time whether or not Paula Deen will make a comeback...

1) Mandy from Kinko's
2) Sandra from Circuit City---notice how the first two are from businesses that are now defunct or renamed or otherwise swallowed up and conglomerated, story of my life
3) Dooneese from Saturday Night Live, look her up if you don't know her, she's a babe!

5. what are your hopes and dreams for 2014? that i can wean myself off of the computer and online living in general, get out more, actually go outside and experience the rays of the sun, not just have the sun as my screensaver, get myself out there, go on auditions again, get added to an acting repertoire, work my way up the ladder acting until i have enough street cred and seniority to write my own play that my fellow troupe members will happily act in 'cause my lines are all genius---talk about the real drama---and then go on from there through the deep, complicated, obscure indie films to the Hollywood blockbusters 'til i become the next Johnny Depp.

this may not i'd settle for a nice girlfriend and a few more followers on my ghost town of a youtube channel, a few less tumbleweeds, baby steps.

bonus: in the cumming year, let us all resolve to visit, read, and comment on at least two TMIT posts a week so that we can help strengthen the community of our fellow TMITers and their blogs. i feel ya, comments are currency in Blog Land, they're like Monopoly money, Disneyland money, except they are real dollars...wait, Disneyland money is real, right?




Anonymous said...

I love Kathy Griffin she's a hoot! Why the hell is she in her undies or flashing on stage with...Is that Gloria Estefan? Well, it is Kathy. She doesn't really need a reason does she?

1. Your explanation actually made sense. Now I am worried about me.

2. Nope. Your questions were wonderful!

3. I hope it all comes true!

4. Dooneese. Yikes! I wish I hadn't looked her up.

5. I like deep, obscure Indie films. There are a lot of them on Some quite good. You could make write and produce movie shorts. I love those. See DC shorts archives.

...but I hope you get out an enjoy the real rays of sunshine too.

Ooooh. Those 14 ! felt good.


the late phoenix said...

H: cool, thanks for those two awesome sites! yeah, i adore the short-film format, it's easier to do for first-timers trying to get started, not as intensive and draining, plus with ten minutes or so, the message of the film really has to be front and center in your piece, you gotta get to it fast and leave the audience wanting more, no time for a lot of filler or exposition.

i love watching Imagemakers and Film School Shorts on PBS, can't wait for those two to return new. i get lost in powerful short films, the characters you meet and the settings you encounter for that brief time...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I will check out those two sites for more film viewing. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I really liked your questions too, and it was one of my top picks as far as #2. Hehe

I really hope #3 comes true. or at least the girlfriend part. Happy 2014.

the late phoenix said...

G: me, too, i'm quickly becoming a cat-lady spinster...and my cat bites my hand right on cue...

Juliette said...

Can I be in the play? I would like to play the part of a quirky Brit please. I can do that well.

the late phoenix said...

juli: abso. i wanted to write plays that would show on Broadway...but a play is a play...the play's the thing...even if it's just youtube...