Wednesday, December 25, 2013



click above to end the ceremony, the Triforce of Power is complete, Ganon is resurrected, darkness rises, and evil wins.

               "is it Christmas Day already? i was so distracted i forgot all about days and schedules and calendars. one moment was

                 i jumped, i actually jumped

                i made my way to the tree shimmering dimly in the center of a huge snow mound at the center of the peak, a ready-made altar of elements as if destiny had foreseen my visit, which it had, the wisps made certain. i wish i had time to paint it or at least shoot it for my blog. in the distance, faint but that faint that really isn't faint because it's more like strong but distant, THIS SONG, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK, piped through the mall's loudspeakers as i prepared to pipe my way through to the real video game of 8-bit imagination made knowable through the other side of the screen. the silver bells do not toll for you, they toll for me.

                  the branch jutting out was just like how they said and how i imagined it, my imagination was suddenly in tune to crisp reality,

i was transforming

two brown sugar pimples, one at the back of my neck, one on my back, i picked at them, hurt, felt like hard bark, felt like they had been there awhile unnoticed, growing, growing into me, too many Christmas brownies

 it was strong, big, long, it shot out from its side majestically, proudly, announcing its presence to anyone who dared approach it. and yet it was humble, it was noticeable, but not noticeable if you let a snow drift avert your eyes for a second, a moment, an instance, it was like me, never noticed, yet strong. i took the rope, dragged it to the branch, tied it forcefully into a knot into the branch, tight as could be, made sure it was taut, it wouldn't break, it would hold the weight, the weight of the world.

                  i jumped



                 did it

                 the other knot of the rope was already attached to a loop in the silver canister. with ironic letters i painted in black: TIME CAPSULE, then erased TIME and wrote LIFE. on the other side i wrote WHAT DOTH LIFE? with my brush, couldn't resist. the capsule was empty, hanging from its bottom upside-down perpendicular to the icy ground, swaying back on forth on its branch axis, forever at the mercy of the wind. the wind blows us all.

                  no time to admire my work, the solo painter with his creation alone that no one would see, that he wouldn't see anyone see, 1 view today, 356 views later on, i climbed the tree, hugged the stout base of the tree, the immovable trunk, back to my Green roots, back to my green roots, and back to the blissful ignorance of youth, a kid at heart climbing a tree, is there anything more magical, more there, more life? a kid at heart, a kid with heart, with heart i climb up to my place, to where i belong.

                     wind still blowing, snow flying at a diagonal, music as the perfect background, i shield my eyes and swallow a huge glance of the wide-open landscape. i was on top of the tree, my left foot balanced myself on the branch. beautiful. beautiful.

                     i jumped

              all of my memories lead up to this, they all swirl now into a circle, circle of the computer not working, bright rainbow against the backdrop of white.

all of my instances collect into instant instance

                single consciousness into group consciousness, not groupthink. every single moment collected into this single instance which will live as this instance for all of time and beyond. centering myself to close my eyes so i can see the circle at the center of everything, that circle that everybody tries to get to, tries to travel to there, to the circle, to the dead center of it, there, you see? the circle, that point, that fixed point in which everything else, everything else is the side panel all converging to the circle at the center of it, the center of the world, the center of the universe, the center god of gods, the place where it all springs from, where the switch is located, the switch that turns on the hologram that is our universe, but what of turning the switch off? turning the switch to the side. i jumped

                below me was the branch, my other foot was on the lip of the hole at the top of the tree, the black hole which led to where too dark to know. i jumped, i could see the ground or was it the sky? too much snow to know, i saw the bottom which was the top which was me upside down after i jumped, i saw the hole, the hole into the black hole which led to the next black hole which traveled me to the end of the black hole and into the center circle, the switch.

                      i jumped, i actually jumped this time. the wisps smile sighs of relief. no more thinking about action, action. action into reaction. all my thoughts disappear into action, into a new vista where new thinking can now go on forever as i make sense of my new destiny, as i transition from human to switch operator to new-found powers to the materialization of my video-game imagination, i jumped


                  I BECOME THE TREE





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