Wednesday, November 27, 2013



click above to complete the Triforce of Wisdom. have the wisdom each of you to go check out the latest Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds. don't have the money? you're like me. hop onto youtube and check out some of the great walkthroughs of the game offered. i love you and not just 'cause of the triforce money.

          time is running out. for me. for the first time in eleven weeks, i had a space of time to sit on my bed and think, the miniseries was over, the miniseries reviews i had to do were over, i thought about how i'd be next year. would it all be the same? would there be no forward progress as usual? would my sex be dependent on comments back? that is always a losing proposition, folks, every time. what is the point? really, what is the point of all this? i look upon the entire scope of my knowledge of life, the sum total of my existence, and what have i learned? pop culture, that's it. no real things, no real feelings that aren't followed by a sitcom laugh track, no driving force that propels me forward to the next day, no Link to the past or future through another's well-being. i protect no one except the tiny imperceptible troll which lives in my belly that trolls me everyday in my head with hurtful comments, confirming the sinking feeling that i am alone and there isn't a godhand hidden in the stars pulling my strings, there is in fact only more outer space.

          the holidays are a good time for reflection. they are a forced time for reflection thanks to Dark sales and tv ads bombarding us with more Santa money. only the ones who contribute can sit at the adult table, they get the turkey. turkeys like me sit alone, those who leech can only watch...the Twilight Zone they're living in. i watch football, i used to play as a when winning mattered. the pizza and orange slices tasted better in the '90s.

          no, i get no feast, no share of the holiday warmth, because i am not part of a family, a group, a circle of protection and growth, i don't matter because my actions don't directly affect the happiness of another. my smile doesn't in turn make another smile. loners have too much freedom, there is such a thing.

          go on, eat and be merry while i slap together two slices of whitebread and SPREAD, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK

          i spread open for anyone who will listen, spread my worth apart into billions of tiny little pieces, scatter my ashes into space waiting for the aliens to come pick me up, for that is what i must be. billions and billions and billions of tiny little stars...

          Fleetwood Mac makes me cry. like her, like her, i sacrificed having a family for my art. well, this art of mine better be damn good then. how can it be? no art can. f***. l***. fuck. love.

          i forgot to leave a legacy. i forgot to have a family.



Anonymous said...

You are the author of these blog posts-these blog posts make me smile-an example of how your actions affect another.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Cheeky Minx said...


And no.

For this is art. You are art and artful.

And we are pixels bound together, we are family.

Happy Turkey day, gorgeous. :*

the late phoenix said...

anon: thank you. you, too. *smile*

cheeky: thank you, my darling pixelated pixie! that truly warms the cockles of my heart...for some reason i really enjoy the word *cockles*...

Juliette said...

i don't matter because my actions don't directly affect the happiness of another.