Wednesday, June 6, 2012



click on not Andre the Giant for I'M LOVING RUBBING YOUR FRUIT (4 of 4)

alone with my netflix disc, what else is new?
slide in MY DINNER WITH ANDRE and prepare to philosophize
watch the entire film in my Buddhist lotus position
he's not Andre the Giant, he's Andre Gregory, it gets confusing
because Wally did in fact star with Andre the Giant in THE PRINCESS BRIDE
Wally, the cynical New Yorker with the trademark lisp and a quick-witted one-minute response to everything,
Andre Gregory, the gallant, sophisticated intellectual with the lilting, lyrical, storytelling tone to his voice who can only find meaning in
faraway places with the world's great thinkers, shamans, and teachers,
only by joining cults where one is buried alive,
by building roofs of floatable rocks
and seeing a monster in church,
by carefully examining the sexy picture of his young wife, a young wife with a pained,
scared expression on her face, Andre notices this for the first time, saw only her sexy dress before,
this man who finds coincidences in finding his "name" in The Little Prince,
going off to live frugally on sandy vistas and with foreign acting troupes,
two old friends having dinner together and discussing life, nothing more, nothing less this film is,
and it's a treasure trove of magnetic entertainment and wisdom:
the pragmatic vs. the ethereal, the New York art scene vs. the fake critics, that oldie-but-goodie science vs. religion, the real definition of "son", "wife", "love",
all the while the food/drink servers looking with tired eyes on these two continuing to rumble about with their language, talking, talking, bouncing ideas off one another, long long monologues followed by curt rejoinders, these two lost in their own world, i still locked in my lotus position watching, Andre picks up the tab, and as Wally takes a taxi ride home, he looks at all the stores along his route home to his girlfriend that he used to visit with his father, Wally understands the term "father", or at least he thinks he does, and Wally can't wait to get home to tell his girlfriend all about his extraordinary conversation with Andre, his once-in-a-lifetime magical Dinner With Andre, all the while THIS MUSIC (CLICK HERE) providing the perfect backdrop to think.




Anonymous said...

For one reason or another I can't understand this post ;-) Maybe it's that I'm really tired (I wish) maybe that I'm just slow (quite possible) or maybe it's a question of not being familiar enough with the movie culture....

I'll just hide in the corner and wait for your next post - which I hope I'll be able to understand better ;-)

Jack and Jill said...

Coincidentally, I've long pointed out to disinterested friends that My Dinner With Andre stars Wally Shawn who appeared with Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride. In fact, I've often bemoaned the fact that there was no crossover film entitled My Dinner With Andre the Giant.


Vincent Vega said...

That was a sweet click through.

KaziGrrl said...

<3 the click-through :)

And I didn't realise Andre had done other film besides Princess Bride (which I loved). I'll have to catch that sometime!

~Kazi xxx

Nolens Volens said...

"I'm on the brute squad."

"You ARE the brute squad!"

One of my favorite moments from The Princess Bride. Wallace Shawn was hilarious in his showdown with the man in black. Inconceivable! ;)

the late phoenix said...

LIR: watch the film MY DINNER WITH ANDRE and all will be explained.

jj: i've seen a homemade youtube movie with that combined title, but i guess that doesn't count.

vv: fotoflexer ftw

kazi: it was surreal, as i watched this, i was waiting for Wally's conversation with Andre the Giant but Gregory kept talking and talking and talking...

nv: "inconceivable...i don't think you're using that term quite right" ;)

Cheeky Minx said...

I can't get past the fact you watched the entire film in the lotus position. So you're bendy and twisted of body and of mind? You do realise you're perfect, right? ;-)

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: that lotus thing ended up screwing up my backbone, babes i need you to come over and give me a back rub...