Monday, September 29, 2014


1. what do you collect? those secret decoder rings at the bottom of cereal boxes. i sent out for that ring they advertised that lets you see through things, but i haven't heard back from them yet...

2. what do you do for fun? cereal

3. name a place that's fun for you to visit but you wouldn't want to live there. my house

4. do you believe in revenge? only if it's served on a hot plate. and only if there's lots of sex involved. i don't believe in revenge sex, but i do believe in hot sex.

5. do you believe in forgiveness and do you forgive and forget? you have to. if you don't, this world will swallow you up on a dish best served cold. you can't forget, as in it's biologically impossible for you to forget, the subconscious mind has many secret rooms.

6. are you religious? spiritual? atheist? Atheism is a religion, right?

bonus: what's your routine every night just before you go to sleep? i plug cyberbrain. then i place a call to my girlfriend Motoko Kusanagi, The Major. i'm surprised cos it seemed she liked girls when i first met her. she's coming off a bad breakup with Data from Star Trek, so we're taking things slow.




Jules said...


Number 3 cracked me up!

Atheism is definitely a religion. *)

the late phoenix said...

mah dahlin Juli, yes, i thought so, i mean there's a church and everything, a building to go to, all the nice internet atheists have explained this to me calmly and politely...

my house: it's Mount Fuji all over again *)