Monday, September 16, 2013


1. my passion project is______. surviving...long enough to upload one last final artistic masterpiece of mine to my youtube channel.

2. in the morning i hate to______. leave the comfort of my bed...but the video games aren't gonna play themselves, y'know?

3. if ______ were bigger, i would like it. my hole

4. please don't ______ close to me. jiggle your junk...junk here meaning your gold chains, i know i'm poor, i don't need to be reminded constantly.

5. i have had strange things happen to me but ________ is the worst. the aliens deciding i wasn't a good enough human specimen to anally probe me was the worst...i felt so alienated.

6. oh baby that feels good. will you ______ my ______? fix my life

bonus: what is the one thing that you do to make yourself and only yourself happy? this is something you do that uplifts you, blisses you out, and when you're done, it can be repeated over and over: it used to be that...but now it really is leaving an artistic legacy behind before i die. see, once it's over, it's over. you have to make sure to leave a piece of yourself in this world before you go or you'll be quickly forgotten. "eternal life" is really the memories that your friends and family will forever have of you, that's how you live forever. right, Dostoevsky? right, Dad? love you guys. see you on the multiple other sides, brotha.




Hedone said...

#5 My fave answer for this week.

Is there a link to your youtube channel?


Hedone said...

Nevermind. I see the link to your youtube channel...right under the BIG youtube


Mr. Will said...

Great answers! I'll be checking out more of your blog :-)

AtiyaLuv said...

dont worry, I have a virgin ass myself, I feel alienated too!

now I have to head to your youtube channel!! thanks!

Happy TMI

Kazi G said...

I'm with ya with the alienation!!


~Kazi xxx

Jon said...

Maybe your legacy will be to start a nation for all of the alienated...

the late phoenix said...

H: :)

will: thanks

atiya: i wanted to lose my butt virginity to a nice, sensitive grey alien named Henry...

kazi: Alienation Nation

jon: see kazi (that was a cool show)

Juliette said...

once it's over, it's over. 'Aint that the truth. Very sobering.

I hate leaving the comfort of my bed too. HATE it.

the late phoenix said...

juli: if a certain someone is in my bed, then i really don't want to leave.