Wednesday, September 18, 2013



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if i could talk to the me in an alternate dimension...

did you have the same beautiful mother and lovely father? i was lucky there.

did you make your move with your first crush like i didn't?

do you like cheese fries? no, me neither. actually, it's complicated. i used to when i was a kid. or rather, i had an image of their taste when i was a kid because i never had enough money to buy them for hot lunch at the schoolyard. when i finally mustered up enough coins, i thought they were extraordinary, but i wasn't really tasting the salt and the cheese, i was tasting the lack of them in my life, i was tasting victory.

did you accomplish all your life goals? most importantly, will you leave something behind artistically indelible of yourself? thought so. me? still working on that (as i type one more word onto my blog place)

did you become a proper indie? the secret underground artist everyone knows about? the one who at the same time can have a million followers and not lose his street cred? can hold both titles in the palm of his hand? it's a tricky balance. you glide through it gracefully because that happened to you in your timeline. that didn't happen for me over here. i'm stuck forever.

how does it work, then? is my ceiling your floor? is your dimension the one where if you stretch out the space of my small room and turn it upside down and perpendicular to the x axis...the y axis, excuse me...and turn it around three times, you can enter your dimension through the tiny slit in the very right corner of my left eye? my third eye, excuse me? yeah, thought so.

are you in love at this moment with that new deep, rich, dark, dark, dark vinegar i bought at the Store last week? the one that is so viscous and full of weight and hearth and seed that it comes out slow and black like my soul to match my mood so perfectly. yes? you are? so, that proves that some events stay the same throughout all timelines, my likes of certain items pierce through and stick to all 1,393 (known) strands of my possible outcomes (the ones of me living on Earth anyway, the alien-planet ones are still a mystery).

which one is the COPY, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK, and which one is the original? which one proved to be the truly original artist?

you there, the one from the alternate dimension, are you better than me?



Kazi G said...

I'd like to think we'd be pretty damn awesome in any dimension!!


~Kazi xxx

the late phoenix said...

after much research, i've discovered that the 1,200th iteration of me is the best.

Cheeky Minx said...

Surely by now you must know, gorgeous phoenix, that you outshine us all.

My bottom is a very close second though... ;-)

Juliette said...

Well my other me in an alternate dimension is effortlessly awesome. Nothing phases her. She's a well known novelist and photographer and travels the globe meeting people and doing a well paid job that isn't like a job at all - it's fun! She can eat chocolate and cinnabon cream wheat all day and never put on weight. She has parents that believe in self esteem and can walk for miles in irregular choice shoes. Ahhhh... she's epic!

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: no, it's number 1 in my's so number 1...oh yes...yes...thinking about it right now...

juli, i used your term "proper indie" here in honor of you because i love it so much. also, for my midnight snack last night, i used milk instead of water in the Cinnabon cream-of-wheat mix...makes it creamier...