Monday, September 9, 2013


the end of Futurama, twisted fairy tales, carnival love, and the new Burger King french-fry burgers. all of it makes sense somehow, it has to, it all must come together like a puzzle, i'm still alive here pushing the buttons. i'm sad, smiling, wistful, and...well, no, with the Burger King thing, i mean, y'know, everyone put their french fries inside their burgers when they were four, so the jury's still out on that one. not sayin' my favorite burger place has run out of ideas, but...

1. tell us something kinky that you refused to do with a partner (ex or present) but secretly wished you had done: just wished i had gotten that woman's name...she was the love of my life...

2. pick your top three lovers and explain why you picked them!: a) pickles b) ice cream c) magazines at the dentist's waiting room, those are my three top loves in this world. it's obvious as to why.

3. where on your body would you get your ex's name inked if you had to?: right smack-dab in the middle of my face for the entire world to witness, Mike-Tyson-style. hey, i want to advertise the fact that somebody at some point did in fact love me, that's something to be proud of.

4. would you rather have sex on the Ferris Wheel or the bumper cars?: ah, carnival love, ain't nuttin' like it. a carny took my innocence...

5. men: have you ever tracked a friend's or partner's periods for the purpose of treating them differently during that time? women: how would you feel if a partner did this?: yes, i confess, i like my mates to use proper grammar. what can i say, i got my perfectionism from my mom and my love of the English Language from my dad.

bonus: would you rather eat a white crayon or go down on Betty White?: in honor of this being the greatest TMIT question ever conceived, i'm going to leave it alone, not answer it, and meditate on it forever. i invite all of you to do the same, ponder this question's eternal awesomeness until the end of time and beyond...




AtiyaLuv said...

you kill me!
I was expecting to see Bacon for one of your greatest loves!
#5 I cant stop laughing
*hands down* bows...
Phoenix I didn't know which way to go on that, I was so confused and a bit disturbed.


Anonymous said...

Awww, come on, you can't think about it? Are you making fun of me? ;)

Silverdrop said...

We once again bow down before your magnificence.

Juliette said...

I really like the white crayon quote. :)

The bumper cars would not be good. Ooh.

Really? Partners check your menstrual cycle? I'm not sure if I would find this odd or thoughtful. Maybe oddly thoughtful. I have to think about this.

Anonymous said... "The Period" super hero

OMG! People actually having sex on a ferris wheel! Scary.

Did B.K. really make that a sandwich option?

What?! I didn't make the top 3 of your list of loves. I'm so sad now.

3. Well that is certainly a reasonable explanation for getting your ex's name tattooed on your face.

5. funny

Bonus: It is a most awesome question isn't it?

Happy TMI Tuesday lover


P.S. I bow down before you as well but my purpose differs from Silverdrop's ;-)

the late phoenix said...

atiya: bacon, yes. root canals, not so much.

f and f: no, really, this is the perfect meditation touchstone. i'm going to present it to the monks next week.

silver: ;)

juli: all i know is the trickiest one is the semicolon.

the late phoenix said...

H: yeah, i tried one, it was a good burger. welcome to Goodburger, may i take your order?

Anonymous said...

And I wanted to say, I bow down to you too, thank you for this week's giggles!!

Becky Whee said...

I agree with you about the awesomeness of that question!

the late phoenix said...

f and f: :)

becky: the more you think about it, the awesomer it becomes. i went to your post, i love your lovely tats, we should swap tat stories some time.