Wednesday, July 18, 2012



click on where you would find me lost in during the '80s for #2 of 4, open the door, see all the people...and one Headless Horseman


THEN, please answer the following questions:

1. have you ever honestly used the term "case of the Mondays" at any time during any conversation in your life?
2. what is your favorite ever video game?
3. what would you do if you pushed the button that Ended the World?
4. okay, so now you've gone and screwed up big time. the only way to Save the World is to give me a kiss. describe this kiss.
5. what do the Chuck E Cheese animatronic animal robots do behind the curtain in the dark backstage after they have "entertained" us with their songs?




the late phoenix said...

1. yes, and that is why i blog...
2. The Legend of Zelda, the original one, everyone knows that by now
3. take a breath
4. a little bit of tongue, a little bit of saliva...
5. they hum a few bars of "Blue Monday" whilst receiving handies.

twisted angel said...

Of course I am female followed quickly by terrible tuesdays, wth wednesdays, troublefraught thursdays and fuck me now fridays my favorie day of the week of course... grr on the laptop and the keys hate me.
2. original legend of Zelda to the point I hand drew a map for each of the 3 layouts of the worlds and each special place.. ahem followed quickly by Super Mario Brothers 3 cause nothing is as bad ass as a flyiing Mario
3. Find you to kiss you
4 . Long deep, hair pulled back, tongue some sucking of your tongue as if I were sucking your pretty cock... ahem
5. Probably bitch and moan about the heat and participate in some yiffing and to know what that is simply watch the episode of CSI that deals with people who can only achieve sexual gratification while dressed up like animals... ahem..

phairhead said...

i'm glad you have the good taste to link to the original song.....cover versions really suck!

Jax said...

My favorite video game is the old school Dragon Ball Z game for Playstation :) I used to kick ass as Goku!!!!

KaziGrrl said...

1. not quite in those terms but yes
2. break out
3. let out an ear-piercing shriek
4. lots of tongue, baby ;)
5. anything they want...

~Kazi xxx

Nolens Volens said...

1. Never...closest was "Monday blues"
2. I think it was "Dungeon" by Atari in early 80's because I freaked everyone out by refusing to kill the dragon in order to get the key. The dragon chased me everywhere I went, making the game infinitely more entertaining.
3. Wipe my hand clean...I don't know who else has pressed it before me!
4. First, I'd seal the kiss to lock our lips in. Then...wait a minute...the world is NOT ending now!
5. They pump each other. Up! I mean pump each other up!

Tom said...

1. Only when quoting Office Space.

2. When I was in high school, I had a summer job in an office. This was back in the days when there was just one computer in the entire building that everyone shared. And the computer had this new game called Tetris. I was the only kid in this office... me and all these grown-ups. And some of them thought they could play Tetris. Man, I beat the hell out of them. I sat down and the top 10 scoreboard was all these names, and when I got up the top 10 scoreboard was all my name, and all my scores had two more digits after them than what had been the previous high score. I demolished Tetris. And then my supervisor was like, "Have you been playing video games all day?" I probably shouldn't have used my real name on the scoreboard. Ah well. So my answer would be... Civ3.

3. Cackle malevolently and high-five a minion.

4. Wait, wasn't my intention to End the World? Why am I now trying to Save it? Or perhaps in this story, you're the hero and I'm the villain, but I find you so irresistible that, even though I know it will undo my years of evil scheming, I can't help myself and kiss you anyway. Damn you, Phoenix!

5. Sob quietly, drink heavily.

Cheeky Minx said...

1. I'm more a 'I Don't Like Mondays'/Boomtown Rats kind of gal. And that's every Monday, every hour on the hour.
2. I do video or games. Alas, never the twain shall meet unless we're talkin' filthy little happenings.
3. Use every expletive my melting brain could conjure. Then pass out.
4. Ooh, kiss, now this is bliss... Soft and teasing and very sensual to begin, whispering my salacious words into your hot breath, then my tongue meeting yours, slow and languid, ours tongues together deep and devouring.
5. I'm unsure I can utter these thoughts out loud.

I love your blue, babe... :*

Jack and Jill said...

We see you're going with the church-and-steeple theme. Well done. But we feel sorry for the poor churchgoer who was decapitated. We hope it was painless.

As for my answers to your questions:

1. No. When I worked a nine to five job and someone would use that term when describing my foul Monday morning mood, I would go to Human Resources and complain.

2. Contra? Metroid? Super Mario Bros.? Picking one would be like Sophie's Choice.

3. Die, I presume, along with the rest of humanity.

4. It would be brief but passionate, and leave you hungry for more.

5. Robot Orgy.


Eden said...

Blue Monday is classic. You don't have to be born/lived in the 80s to appreciate it. Good choice.

1. Nope.
2. Toughie. Probably Grand Theft Auto.
3. Lie back, relax and take in the apocalyptic scenery.
4. A butterfly kiss (that's with the eyelashes. Got to take advantage of the false lash extensions while they're in ya know).
5. No Chuck E. Cheese here so I'll just take a while stab in the dark here and say they stab each other in the dark.

the late phoenix said...

twisted: gotta love those Chuck furries. i'm with ya on Super Mario 3, that Tanooki suit was the BOM.

phair: i agree, *'80s nostalgia arrow flying around*

jax: all i've ever known is my precious Nintendo, i needed to go outside into the sunshine to practice my Kamehameha.

kazi: i'm down for some Breakout tongue, that was a rad strategic game!

nv: to this day is still have nightmares over that Atari game featuring Snoopy and the Red Baron, i could never get to level 3, it haunts me terribly.

tom: since you could only use three letters for your name in arcade games, i always went with GOD. yeah, it's fun being an anonymous conqueror, or like an anonymous blogger like i am, it works wonders for one's mental health...

cheeky: babes, feel free to use curse words when you speak to me, type in "fuck" and "shit" on my blog if you so desire, especially while we're tongue-wrestling ;)

jj: Sophie's Choice was so sad, so sad that ultimate choice that had to be made, i cried for weeks after that movie, am crying now thinking about it again, my psychiatrist gave me the cruel nickname "Sophie", i made the Sophie's Choice to leave him.

eden: the Chucksters are known for random deadly stab-violence, it occurs when they achieve self-consciousness and realize that are just puppets for show. butterfly kisses are sexy, especially when the fluttering leads to butterfly sex, which is just hot and different, reminds me of that new FUTURAMA episode last night, huh? :)