Monday, July 9, 2012


PIC 1 FROM TOP: me on a good day

PIC 11: oh Seal, reconsider before it's too late...

PIC 14: this was my design to Hershey's just before i was fired.

PIC 19: i like cats, too.


1. i could spend all day________but couldn't stand five minutes__________.

i could spend all day swimming in chocolate but couldn't stand five minutes doing the swimming part of it.

2. i would love to have a robot in my house to do the_________because no one else ever does.

the fucking

3. the older you get the more_______you get.

wise, and thus, bitterly hopeless

4. i want to________when i___________.

i want to cum when i live.

5. my appetite for________will never be satisfied.

following new bloggers

bonus: if i were a hoarder, i would hoard_________.

the rights to the tv show HOARDERS, so then i could only broadcast one more episode: an episode about me and how i used a blog to become famous. oh, you say there are youtube channels for that sort of thing now?...




Anonymous said...

As always wildly entertaining.

I'll see you on youtube baby


If you dip it in chocolate, I promise to lick it clean.


the late phoenix said...

H: my chocolate cock just shot out vanilla...

Mrs. M said...

Okay, so you totally lost me with the first pic. OMG, he's hot and dipped in chocolate. I have a new fantasy, I think. Also, I was reminded of my favorite stripper in Vegas who is called "Sexual Chocolate"! Happy Tuesday! Love the answers.

KaziGrrl said...

Your chocolate collection is way better than mine.


~Kazi xxx

Jack and Jill said...

We almost included the picture of the shelves full of cans. Lately it's become fun to see whether any of the pictures we considered using end up in your TMI Tuesday post.

Ashly Star said...

I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't care for chocolate but if that guy in the first pic showed up covered in chocolate, I wouldn't send him next door haha.

You always have such a wild assortment of sexy and entertaining pics to go with these. And the actual answers are fun to read too!

Happy Tuesday!

Atiya Luv said...

I love you and i want to have a hot, steamy, passionate, erotic, lustful relationship with..............all of your pictures!!!
I love me some chocolate (note that I said "chocolate" in spanish) *grins*
and i agree with Hedone! OMG, dip it in chocolate and will be licked completely clean!!

Happy TMI!!

the late phoenix said...

M: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but please tell us what happens to you in Vegas ;)

kazi: choco-babes > choco crisps

jj: yeah, i've noticed that, too, pics are subconsciously shared between the TMIers, like that Terminator robot sex pic

ashly: so you're saying you wouldn't send me next door?...there's hope for me yet, i think i'll live today. remember, though, that's me after, like, five hours of makeup and six-pack surgery

atiya: mami, i love your choco LA te! seriously, what is it with women and chocolate? no, really, i want to unlock that secret...