Monday, January 2, 2012

TMIT: 1/3/12

1. finish this sentence: in the new year, the world will end, or i will be forced to take down my nostradamus poster from my ceiling once and for all. i'm not playin', anymore, Nostra, i've taken you back too many times before. i love you but here's where it has to end

2. do you make new year's resolutions? if yes, what are they for 2012? NO...okay, i'll play, well, when i was a smart college student, my pat answer would be that my resolution every year was to stop making resolutions, but soon the seniors saw my eyes fill with so much self-congratulatory bile that they had to empty me out, and i became less arrogant after that

3. what new year's resolutions did you make last year? to accomplish something, to make something of myself, to become famous for my art...none panned out, for as you can see, i'm still blogging

4. think of three of those resolutions from last year. how did you do in keeping them? WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!, that's how well i did

5. what is your most memorable sexual happening/experience in 2011? i learned to finally love myself. problem is, i think i'm *loving* myself a little too frequently...three times a day seems about the line, y'know?

bonus: what was your most memorable experience (activity, event, etc) in 2011? memorable, well, more like scary, the thought that i might have to live in a cardboard box for awhile, that all my money would suddenly dry up. actually, i still don't have word on that, still waiting to hear back and learn my fate, so keep your cyber fingers crossed for me :*




DoubleD said...

Feel free to take pics of you "loving yourself"


Nolens Volens said...

Whatever happens, remember you have family and friends. Here's to 2012 being a good year for you.

Anonymous said...

1. :-) Awww. Keep it up. It'll give us something to contemplate as we lie on our backs after we've had mad, passionate sex. ;-)

4. LOL...I think that you are a famous creative artist--specializing in performance art but you blog incognito.

5. Oh honey, you aren't loving yourself nearly enough!

Bonus: cyber fingers crossed

Happy New Year!


I invite you to check out my answers to TMI Tuesday tomorrow at:

Mia Wallace said...

Loving yourself is awesome, in both meanings of the phrase! Can there be "too much" self love?!

the late phoenix said...

double: can't wait two days for HNT to start up again, wink wink

nv: family, friends, and fucking, that's all i need, the 3 Fs

hedone: oh BABY, let's go, i'm always ready, let's let our sex juices flow and combine on those sheets! yeah, see, there's BLOG famous, and then there's ACTUALLY HOLLYWOOD famous, really want to strive for the latter

you know how much i adore that avatar of yours, *slurp*, come back and see me some time, babe :)

mia: never, never too much, although you do eventually get into CHRONIC mode, but still...

KaziGrrl said...

Never too much loving, babe, long's you don't make it raw and fall off ;)

And everything I can possibly cross is crossed for you. Consider that mental picture. Scary, huh?


~Kazi xxx

Vincent Vega said...

Sorry you didn't become famous for your art in 2011. Maybe in 2012!

Can there be too much self-love? As long as it doesn't interfere with day to day activities.

Jack and Jill said...

Great answer to #1. You can only get boned by Nostradamus so many times before you have to show him some tough love.

the late phoenix said...

kazi: hey, you're using my trademark "huh?", i love it

*tasting your hot CROSS buns* ;)

vince: for awhile in college there, loving myself was my full-time job, though i didn't get paid for it...until later

jack/jill: problem is, ol' Nostra likes it rough, so that doesn't faze him...

Cat said...

Oh man, you made you giggle with your answer to #1. and "loving yourself" is GOOD...any way a person breaks it down ;) Don't give up on the famous thing yet...I haven't :D
Happy Blogging

Cat said...

ok, I wrote a comment, i hope it went through so if it didnt here it is again...
You made me giggle with your answer to #1. "Loving yourself" is always a good thing, no matter how a person breaks it down...dont give up on the famous could happen when you least except it.

Dru said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes lets hope for a dual power where our dream careers are concerned. Good luck in your ventures!!

Anonymous said...

The guidelines you provided listed below are extremely precious. It been found this type of pleasurable surprise to obtain that expecting me when I woke up today. They're constantly to the issue easy to learn. Thanks a large amount for any valuable ideas you've got shared right here.

the late phoenix said...

cat: hopefully, hopefully, i'm expecting anything without exceptions...don't worry, it's always blogger's fault, blogger is always the root of every problem

dru: dual power > duel power

anon: pleasurable, that's a +1 for me, huh?

viemoira said...

I am with DoubleD! ;)