Monday, February 11, 2013


1. to spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be?
a) virgin b) i want to try something scripted, i want to act and ultimately direct c) got my feet wet like my new cat, want more d) dive in head first like a scuba motherfucker
d, anytime you're a scuba motherfucker, you're winning.
2. what scenario piques your interest?
a) sensual b) playful c) kinky and hoarding, i want it all!
when i role-play, my imagination is so deep i literally lose myself in the woods, need a busty woodcarver's daughter to help me out. i'm not a hoarder, that's one good thing happening for me in my solitary room.
3. what's your ideal fantasy setting?
a) brothel b) dungeon c) bedroom d) prison cell
COMBINE LIKE VOLTRON: brothel is the head, dungeon and bedroom are the arms, and the motherfucking silver shining sword is the prison cell. i always wanted to do anal, but not in a dusty cell. then again, i got the brothel as a pre-dinner aperitif, the dungeon to get my nerd on with some D + D, and a nice fluffy blankie on my soft bed to lie on before the prison rape. anyone else humming the Tool song?
4. toys?: a) feather and whipped cream b) handcuffs, panty hose, and necktie c) whips and chains d) ice cubes and a cold beer
whipped cream goes well with my apple pie, no feathers, i had a friend who actually died by being tickled to death, Mexican Necktie?, no thank you, those hurt, whips and chains are so medieval-dungeon ago, Ice Cube, bah, Ice Cube is being sensitive lately in those commercials, he claims no one is Colder than he, but i am, i'm cool.
5. how will you rock your lover's world?: no lover, but okay: a) the Jersey Whore, i pretend i'm Snooki, no wait, you be Snooki, we smush, i go to the gym, and MTV pays for everything. b) kinky cook, i'm the Swedish Chef Muppet, you order a hamburger, i get insulted, and then the angry sex heats up. c) naughty maid, your feather duster will dust off my creaky bones and, no, sorry, that's played-out d) Doctor Love, head-to-toe, it's the adult version of playing doctor? maybe if it were Dr. Gregory House e) frisky fireman, dude's got a HOSE longer than California, which is needed to put out those California wildfires.
my answer: e, obviously.
bonus: tell us about your wildest or raunchiest role-playing adventure: FINALLY, we get to talk about my RPG video games and LARPing and such, real geek stuff...i remember this one time when i was using my lightning bolt attack on this dude, i was going CRSFHHHHH CRSFFGHH CRRSDDHH on him out there in the woods, in the clearing, we were playing like we were wizards, sworn enemies, tryin' to get back the crown...needed some juice boxes in the middle there but it was still a good battle.


Angelwithatwist said...

You know I have a thing for firefighters right.. smoke and sweat and adrenaline.. ummm yeah.. Kinky is good I love kinky.

Kazi G said...

May I give you a physical examination? I promise not to tickle... much ;)


~Kazi xxx

AtiyaLuv said...

you light up my fire Phoenix!!

Happy TMI *grins*


Jen said...

Great answers! Thanks for sharing!!

the late phoenix said...

angel: the hose knows.

kazi: tickle deaths, so sad, and yet so funny

atiya: *pique* is a great word, huh?

jen: hi there, thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

1.d. LOL...yup I knew that was so you

3. I laughed so hard at this yet it made perfect sense.

5. I wanna get cookin' in the kitchen with the Swedish chef. Will you wear the hat, please? It turns me on :)

Bonus: Um...NO! Real-life bad not virtual.

Luv ya,


the late phoenix said...

H: i'll luv ya more in the Muppet getup, i'll feel more cuddly and fluffable, with the Voltron sword in my hand there's no telling...